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The air inside your home is likely the air you and your family breathe in most of the time. The quality of your indoor air is, therefore, an important aspect to your comfort and health.
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What affects the quality of air inside a home?

There are several things that affect that quality; pets, pollutants from outside, volatile compounds released from things like paint or carpet, aerosols, disinfectants and other cleaning products and much more.

Inhaling particulates will trigger a reaction in many ways. Pet dander can cause allergies to act up, pollutants and other compounds can cause respiratory distress and let’s not forget that many bacterium and viruses are airborne as well. All these factors lead to possible illness or general discomfort with symptoms ranging from coughing, red eyes, itchy skin, trouble breathing, stuffy nose, trouble sleeping and depreciated mood.

Our air cleaners take those particulates out of the air, alleviating all of these issues..

How do air cleaners clean the air?

There are several techniques for cleaning or purifying the air that air cleaners employ. From passing the air through a heated core to ultraviolet rays doing the job, carbon atoms absorbing the particulates or electricity polarizing the air, there are many effective ways to get the job done.

What unit is right for my home?

Whether you would prefer portable units for your home or would like to install a whole home purifying system directly into your HVAC, Two Amigos Heating and Air, LLC can accommodate. Our skilled technicians are very knowledgeable about air cleaners and are always able to consult with you on which air cleaner would serve you best.

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