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Your comfort is our #1 priority

We Don't Charge After Hour Service Fees. Same Great Rate 24/7.
North Carolina summers are no joke. Keep your family cool with expert AC repairs, maintenance, and replacement service today.
Two Amigos is licensed and insured to repair, tune-up, or install a new heater, furnace, boiler, or heat pump. Stay warm inside when it's cold outside.
Our air cleaners will remove the pollutants and particulates in pet dander, cleaning products, disinfectants, aerosols, and other compounds to improve the air quality inside your home.
Cold weather can bring dry air inside your home which can negatively impact your furniture and more importantly your health. Humidifiers will reintroduce moisture into the air resulting in better sleep, fresh skin, and allowing your sinuses to drain so you can breathe easy again.

Service Maintenance Agreements

Seasonal tune-ups from the HVAC experts at Two Amigos Heating and Air, LLC are a surefire way to extend the life of your heat and air conditioners while receiving optimal performance. Call us about setting up yours today! Plans start at just $15.80 per month.


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